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Find your perfect bbq for summer with our selection of premium barbecues for sale. For the authentic bbq experience, choose a charcoal grill to get that delicious, smokey flavour with your outdoor cooking. Charcoal grills have a range of cooking options including grilling, roasting, baking and smoking. The way that the juices are vaporized and infused into the food, combined with the rich smokiness of the wood means you'll get rich grilled meats and veg. Cook mouth- watering kebabs, sausages and anything else you want to throw on the bbq! Or you may be looking for a sleek and modern way to barbeque, in which case you'll love our selection of gas bbqs! Gas bbqs heat up much faster than a traditional grill and it's easier to get the right temperature. The perfect choice for those where time is of the essence. What's more is that they're quicker and easier to clean than a traditional grill. The last thing anyone ever wants to deal with is the dreaded washing up! Using a gas bbq will make cleaning up afterwards more hassle-free. Our barbecues at Briscoes are portable and made to last. Choose from tabletop charcoal bbqs or gas bbqs on wheels and more. You can explore outdoor cooking anywhere, and entertain your family and friends in any location! Don't forget to protect your grill with an outdoor cover after each use which can extend the life of your cooker for years. We sell small and large bbq covers from BergHOFF to protect your grill from rain, dirt, sun and dust. Our barbecue accessories are custom-made to fit perfectly over the ceramic shells of the BergHOFF outdoor bbq & ovens.