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Sonos Speakers


If the expert design doesn’t speak to your inner interior designer, then the sound quality will blow your mind. Offering the highest quality whole-home audio setups and streaming music speakers, Sonos is a brand that’s synonymous throughout Ireland and the world with the latest technology in wireless Hi-Fi home audio.

Sonos speakers are next level in terms of visual aesthetics and aural hypnosis. If you’re looking for a seductive visual and a sexy sound, then going with the Sonos brand is a no brainer. Here’s why.



No other brand can provide the maximum output combined with the minimal input. If you’re looking to blast your favourite “Get Psyched” mix with no fear of distortion, then look no further. The footprint these speakers leave behind will have even the fussiest speaker enthusiast's eyes widen with amazement.



Here’s a fun little bet to make with your friends: have it a goal to receive a noise complaint from your neighbours; complete with the exact song you were blasting listed in the police report. Because that’s how clearly these speakers will transmit your music. Or better yet, play a game where your friend stands outside your two story house, and you play a song at volume level 11 and they have to guess which song it is. Our money is on them because they will be more than able to hear it.



Gone are the pioneer days when people had to strategically hide their cables under the carpet or drill a hole into a back closet where they stuffed the tentacles of their entertainment system.


Who doesn’t want the ability to play the same song on every speaker in every room of their house simultaneously? Or blast their favourite podcast? Or laugh at their favourite stand up comedy routine? While hanging out in whichever room they desire? No one, that’s who.


Sonos even gives you the ability to connect their speakers to your current stereo system. With both digital and analogue audio outputs, you can integrate Sonos speakers into your amplifiers, stereo receivers, and home entertainment receivers.


Sonos Speaker Variety

Sonos offers you the ability to add sound to every room without any prior existing speaker systems.

Your options include, but are not limited to:


Sonos PLAY:1 – All the clear detail and tight base of a large-scale speaker system compacted into one tiny cube of awesomeness. Welcome to the future.

Sonos PLAY:3 – Perfect for upping the audio ante in your kitchen or office; you can mount this speaker either vertically or horizontally. No other five-pound square of terror can give you the kind of midrange warmth that this speaker is capable of.

Sonos PLAY:5 – This is where we stop playing games. With six drivers, this speaker has the power to light up the biggest room in your house. Open floor plans do not intimidate the 5; in fact, it welcomes the challenge. Pair a Sonos SUB with the speakers and people should be paying you to DJ their next party in your own home.